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"One should not rejoice when the neighbour's hut burns" Regional Dynamics Facing the Burundian Crisis

Reflecting on the crisis in Burundi, a Congolese youth in Goma, North Kivu, asserted, “One should not rejoice when the neighbour's hut burns".


This reflection came during one of a series of focus groups organised in June 2015 among urban youth in Goma, Bukavu (South Kivu, DRC), and Kigali (Rwanda) to understand how youth in the Great Lakes Region understand the ongoing crisis in Burundi, not only as an exclusively ‘Burundian’ problem, but as a crisis with regional implications. Among the Congolese youth in particular, the focus groups provided an occasion for discussing the likelihood of a similar crisis being reproduced in the other countries in the region.


These opinions are presented in IW Burundi’s latest publication, « On ne doit pas se réjouir quand la case du voisin brûle » Dynamiques Régionales Face à la Crise Burundaise ("One should not rejoice when the neighbour's hut burns" Regional Dynamics Facing the Burundian Crisis). The report is the fourth issue of our Great Lakes Dispatches series, produced as part of the ‘Peace Beyond Borders’ Programme.


As the crisis in Burundi continues, the DRC’s election debate is intensifying. The opinions of urban youth provide insight into local dynamics in what is thus a crucial year for the region. These young people have legitimate concerns for a regionalised conflict, which are growing ever more real and valid as each day passes.


To read the original report in French, please click here and to read the English translation, please click here.

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