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Visit of Guatemalan Judges to the Netherlands, 18-21 September 2016

From September 18th to October 4th a delegation of four prestigious judges from Guatemala will be visiting the Netherlands, Norway and Sweden to meet with politicians, judges associations and civil society organizations in order to discuss the current situation of the justice in Guatemala. This visit occurs in the context of key changes in the State reform, after the corruption scandal in Guatemala on 2015. The main goal of this visit is to present the current situation of the judicial independence and the obstacles and challenges on the fight against impunity.    


The delegation is composed out of Yassmin Barrios, who convicted former dictator Rios Montt for genocide in 2013; Miguel Angel Galvez, who indicted former President Otto Perez Molina and Vice-president Roxana Baldetti  for corruption;  Haroldo Vasquez, President of the  Association Jueces por la Integridad; and Claudia Gonzalez, member of the  Judiciary Career Council.


As members of Jueces por la Integridad they make efforts to fight against corruption and work together to promote the justice reform in Guatemala.  This association emerged after the 2014 election of the Supreme Court and Appeals Courts that was publicly denounced by CICIG and civil society organizations for being a politicized process.  Members of Jueces por la Integridad are characterized by their honesty and courage, and they are socially respected for their capacity, independence and compromise in the fight against impunity.


Click here to read more about the members of the delegation

Click here for flyer for public event Monday 19 September 2016

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