Impunity Watch is an international non-profit organisation,
seeking to promote accountability for past atrocities in
countries emerging from a violent past.
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Brinton Lykes - Chair
Professor Brinton Lykes is Associate Director of the Center for Human Rights and International Justice at Boston College as well as Associate Dean of the College. She has been professor of Psychology in the College’s Department of Counselling, Development and Educational Psychology since 1997. Her professional memberships include the American and the Interamerican Psychological Association and Latin American Studies Association. She has researched, spoken and published widely on issues relating to political violence, torture, gender and the psychological effects of both impunity and reparations. She has extensive experiene on participatory research and has produced manuals and training materials for participatory research purposes.

Sander Wirken - Treasurer
Sander Wirken is a researcher at the Amsterdam Center for International Law, University of Amsterdam. His PhD research is focused on the blurring distinction between armed conflict and crime, and the (international) legal reactions thereto. He completed his LL.M. degree (International Public Law) at the University of Amsterdam cum laude and was awarded the University of Amsterdam Thesis Prize for his master's thesis about impunity in Guatemala. He obtained an M.Sc. degree (International Security) cum laude from Sciences Po Paris and was awarded the Bourse d'Excellence Descartes and the Sciences Po Prix de la vie étudiante. With documentary production company Framewerk, he is working on a documentary about Guatemala's Attorney General, Claudia Paz y Paz. He co-founded the NGO Niños de Guatemala, dedicated to improving the access to education for underprivileged children in Guatemala, and has lived in Guatemala for 2.5 years.


Brandon Hamber - Secretary

Professor Brandon Hamber is Director of the International Conflict Research Institute (INCORE), an associate site of the United Nations University based at the University of Ulster. He is also a member of the Transitional Justice Institute at the university. He has recently finished a term as a Mellon Distinguished Visiting Scholar in the School of Human and Community Development at the University of the Witwatersrand in
Johannesburg (2010-2013). He has consulted to a range of community groups, policy initiatives and government bodies in Northern Ireland and South Africa. He is a Board Member of Healing Through Remembering in Northern Ireland, and an Advisor to the Khulumani Victim Support Group in South Africa. He has undertaken consulting and research work, and participated in various peace and reconciliation initiatives in Liberia, Mozambique, Bosnia, the Basque Country and Sierra Leone, among others. He has written extensively on the South African Truth and Reconciliation Commission, the psychological implications of political violence, and the process of transition and reconciliation in South Africa, Northern Ireland and abroad. He has published some 40 book chapters and scientific journal articles, and four books.

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