Impunity Watch is an international non-profit organisation,
seeking to promote accountability for past atrocities in
countries emerging from a violent past.
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Marlies Stappers, Executive Director
Marlies Stappers is founder and Executive Director of Impunity Watch. As director Ms. Stappers has been deeply involved in research and policy work related to the fields of Human Rights, Transitional Justice, impunity reduction, and  the strengthening the role of civil society, and particularly victims and affected communities in countries such as Guatemala and Honduras, Burundi and the Great Lakes region, the Western Balkans and Cambodia.  Ms. Stappers is also the initiator of the Dutch Guatemala Platform Against Impunity, today the International Platform against Impunity in Central America, of which she coordinates the Dutch branch. The International Platform is a group of  dedicated NGOs from The Netherlands, Sweden and Switzerland,  coordinating with partner organisations in Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador and Nicaragua the international advocacy and lobby to promote effective measures combating impunity in Central America. Between 1995 and 2001 Ms. Stappers worked in Guatemala where she amongst others worked as a researcher for the Guatemalan Historical Truth Commission and as an observer of the Peace Accords for the UN Mission in Guatemala (Minugua). Her educational background is in Latin America Studies. Check also her Linkedin profile.


Habib Nassar, Director of Policy and Research

Bio will follow shortly

Margaretha Bakker, Operations Manager

Margaretha joined Impunity Watch in 2011. Prior to joining Impunity Watch she was working for Women for Water Partnership, UN FAO in Zambia and IWMI in Sri Lanka.  She has been working with local organisations, ministeries and international research organisations in the field of natural resources management and food security from a rights based perspective. She is an all-round, hands-on professional, with a heart for a society of equal rights, opportunities & participation. Alongside her work she is board member of a local organisation which is striving for (equal) participation of (vulnerable) people in society. In addition, she is also member of an advisory body of the city council on how best local participation can be guaranteed when designing and implementing policy and projects at the local level. Her educational background is in international development studies. Check also her Linkedin profile.

Laura Cools, Research and Policy Adviser

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Megan O'Riordan, Project and Research Assistant
Megan began working at Impunity Watch in January 2016. Prior to this, she received a Master's in Museum Studies from the University of Leicester. She holds a Bachelor degree in History with a minor in Conflict Studies from Utrecht University. Her main interests lie in nationalism, identity and how they are related to cultural heritage. She has researched the potential use of discourses and intangible heritage in the Former-Yugoslavia as a form of outreach for the ICTY and the effect that such attempts, or lack thereof, may have on community reconciliation. For her masters she researched the different methods of dealing with the past that can be seen in museums in Northern Ireland with an analysis of their potential implications for reconciliation. Check also her LinkedIn profile.

Marina Oliver-Tomic, Project Assistant (Intern)

Marina began interning at Impunity Watch in March 2015. Prior to this, she received a Master's in Anthropology of Travel, Tourism and Pilgrimage at the School of Oriental and African Studies in London. In 2014, she conducted research in Sarajevo about the representation of the Bosnian war in war tourism and memorial spaces. Her interests lie in memorialisation initiatives in the former-Yugoslavia, and in the ways that memory initiatives may confront and tackle impunity worldwide.



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