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Title:Reparations for Gross Human Rights Violations in Guatemala
Publication:December 19th, 2018
Guatemala Reparations Transitional Justice TJ National Reparations Program PNR Latin America
In 2018, the National Reparation Program of Guatemala turned 15 years old. Nevertheless, its results have been limited. It has compensated barely 33,094 victims out of a total of 200,000 deaths and missing persons estimated by the Commission for Historical Clarification, which represents only 16% of the victims. In this policy brief, we examine the Guatemala reparations policy and the barriers that the National Reparations Program is facing due to the lack of political will and funding from the pro-military governments. We offer a series of recommendations to reinvigorate reparations in Guatemala with a transformative perspective and a significant participation of the victims, specially women and indigenous peoples.
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