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Impunity Watch (IW) is pleased to announce the publication of a new research report “The Past Should not be Forgotten: Victims’ Participation in Honduran Truth Commissions”. The report is available on our website both in English and Spanish. The study examines victims’ participation in the two truth commissions that were created in Honduras in 2010 to investigate the violent incidents surrounding the 2009 coup d'état. The Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC) was created in the framework of the Tegucigalpa/San José Accord. Its alternative, the Truth Commission (TC) was created by the Human Rights Platform, a coalition of Honduran civil society organisations. The two commissions operated simultaneously but independently, with practically no communication between them, and presented their reports in July 2011 and October 2012, respectively. The present study examines victims' participation in both of Honduras's truth commissions, compiles Honduran victims' and social leaders' perceptions of the two reports, and probes the reasons behind the Truth Commissions’ limited political and social impact.

This research report is part of a broader IW comparative research project on victims' participation in mechanisms for transitional justice. Case studies include Burundi, Cambodia, Kenya, Tunisia, Guatemala, and Honduras.

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