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On Monday 8 July 2013, the Burundian local authorities in the province of Bubanza exhumed three mass graves in the village of Kivyuka, Musigati commune without the assistance of any forensic experts. The human remains were indiscriminately placed in coffins and kept at the local administration’s headquarters. This exhumation was conducted without taking into consideration the numerous prior requests of both national and international civil society to treat the human remains with dignity and only exhume them with the necessary scientific and forensic expertise.

Impunity Watch strongly condemns the exhumations. In this report (English version; French version) that includes testimonies of people from Kivyuka, we urge the Burundian authorities to once again halt construction of the Bubanza-Ndora-Kayanza road until international forensic experts have examined the mass graves.

More than 300 people were killed by the military in Kivyuka on 3 May 1996 during the country’s civil war, their bodies dumped into at least four mass graves around the village. In 2012, Kivyuka was also at the centre of controversy as the construction of the road through the village likewise unearthed a number of human remains that were improperly dealt with.

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